We believe trust and strong partnerships are the foundation of creating a flawless and remarkable relationship. We go beyond just placing people into roles. Our recruiters are experts in their market and focus on connecting you with exceptional candidates for your individual business needs, from strategic hires through to executive search. We have a proactive and thorough approach that places importance on value, honesty and integrity which is why clients trust us to enable their business by helping them hire the right people.

"Majority of our work is with returning clients or referrals.
Not only do they keep coming back but they tell others about us too."

We work fast and efficiently, and our CV to offer ratios are unrivalled in the market. We've attracted, built and actively managed a network of niche and valuable candidates. We rigorously assess our candidates before they are submitted to you for interview. 


  • The Team

    Engaging, trusting, perceptive and highly selective, our team are committed to deliver the best in class service with a real purpose to solve clients problems and change peoples lives.

  • Delivery

    We are good at attracting dormant talent that does not actively search for jobs via the usual channels. We make use of our headhunting expertise to deliver the best candidate.

  • Value & ROI

    We know our clients and candidates and we know them well. Our candidates stay longer with our clients and progress further - proof that we place the right people in the right roles.


    It is very clear to us that trust is gained through quality of work we deliver. With that in mind, our extensive list of services is based on the trust you place in our work. 

Talent Solutions


    Contingency recruitment allows us to tap into the extensive network and growing database of candidates that our team has built. We provide clients with first class level of recruitment, optimal quality, transparency and cost-effective solution that meets your immediate employment needs.


    We have a pool of specialist senior candidates who are able to complete 6+ or 12+ month projects on behalf of clients. We maintain an extensive carefully selected network of individuals – often people who have successfully worked on previous engagements with us – allowing us to vouch for the candidate’s reliability and quality of work.


    Executive Search & Selection is our comprehensive recruitment methodology which is designed to help clients identify, approach, attract and secure very specific, and usually 'hard to find' candidates. Those who are often not active in the job market and, therefore, not registered with any employment agency.


Talent mapping has become one of the strategic analysis for corporations wanting to stay ahead of the game – it provides our clients with a clear picture of current talent status on the market and it allows for realistic workforce planning. Whether you are already established company in Malaysia or you plan to open operations, we can provide you with detailed market feasibility studies regarding the available talent we specialise in, the potential to grow and the costs implied.

How we do this in partnership with our clients?

  • Figure out who to hire next.
  • Identify and attract high quality passive candidates.
  • Keep tabs on people we meet
  • Identify clients competitors.
  • Decide what information client need to know.
  • Research the roles and candidates who have them.
  • Provide a comprehensive report.

Once we’ve gathered all this information, our client should have a pretty good idea of what roles they need to hire, what their competitors are doing, what potential candidates look like, and how much money they need to pay. This information makes it easier for our client to figure out whether they need to staff up the roles and if they can afford it.


Knowing the latest trends in talent availability, expectations and perceptions helps our clients build competitive strategies for their business. Every year, we survey professionals and provide new or already established companies on the market with strong insights to build and refine their business and talent strategies.

We provide our clients surveys on:

  • Company reputation.
  • Report on what does the market thinks about you.
  • What does your current and previous employees think about your workplace, work-life balance and processes.
  • Millennials trends.

Knowing your audience and how to market a role to them helps our clients win the war for talent.


We provide our clients in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia with reliable and up to date information on pay and benefits prevalence to guide their remuneration policies and ensure their organisation's competitiveness. Our Salary Benchmarking provides an independent snapshot of the market base salary, gross salary, short and long-term incentives, as well as typical benefit packages for individual positions.

Typical reports after surveying the marketplace:

  • Comparison on base salaries and total remuneration packages with competitors and other reputable companies in your industry
  • Guide remuneration for new employees

This exercise helps our clients to improve employee retention. If done incorrectly or haphazardly using bad market salary data, you could have a hard time attracting the best candidates, or risk losing credibility by advertising a position with a salary range completely out of range with the rest of the market. This mistake also could create employee dissatisfaction, poor employee engagement, and end with higher turnover costs when those employees ultimately have to be replaced or reject your offer. This makes salary benchmarking a vital part of the hiring process.



Our team will conduct a preliminary research about your company and the market in general prior to scheduling an introductory call.


Scheduling a call with the Hiring Manager and HR allows our Account Executive to validate our research and learn more about your company (department and position), culture and specific business needs.


In person visit to your office allows the Account Executive to see the office environment and meet face to face with the Hiring Manager and the team. This also allows us to present our initial candidates and refine our search. We will discuss the interview process and determine how much you would like us to be involved.


From interview scheduling to follow-up with Hiring Manager or HR, our team is flexible and ready to provide varying levels of client support during the process.


Each client has a different process for presenting offers to candidates. We will work with your team to ensure a smooth and efficient offer process. Benchmarking advice is also provided as needed.


We value our relationships with clients and candidates. Your Account Executive will stay in contact with you to ensure that the new hire is performing to expectations and acclimating with the team and culture. We will also stay in touch on a regular basis to provide any additional services you require.


  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Scott who has been a valuable staffing partner for our company. I had the privilege to work with Scott who has been supporting Accenture on the contracting space. His enthusiasm and dedication to providing timely and efficient solutions have been extremely outstanding. His responsiveness and attention to detail truly set him apart and makes working with him a sincere pleasure. I appreciate the personal attention he has put through for Accenture and helped us stay within budget, which is always a challenge.

    Rita Ramachandran

    Country Procurement Lead - Malaysia & Singapore
    at Accenture

  • I worked with Scott when he helped me find candidates for my IT Strategy & EA team. I found Scott to be very professional, very proactive and able to understand the complex requirements of my roles, which are particularly difficult to fill in this market. He was also very adaptable and patient in dealing with our lengthy internal processes. Despite these challenges, Scott was able to provide me with high quality profiles and successfully place several talents into my team. I highly recommend Scott for sourcing of good talent.

    Samsurin Welch

    Head, Digital Innovation, Strategy & Architecture
    at Petronas ICT