We know the most rewarding professional jobs aren’t just those that challenge you – they’re with employers whose values and culture are a good fit too. That’s why we make getting to know you a priority. Finding your perfect job requires dedication and perseverance. Getting that perfect job requires determination and preparation. Sometimes, as in life, we all need a hand − that's where we come in. 

"Being a niche agency fundamentally means two things to our candidates,
we know the industry and we know the players"

Job hunting can be daunting, particularly when you’ve been in your current role for some time. At ETR, we guide you through the process, help you strengthen your CV, prepare you for interviews and provide constructive feedback.

We are our candidates’ best promoter and only represent you to established clients and contacts to ensure that our introductions will always help and never hinder your applications. Confidentiality is our stock and trade, so rest assured that your enquiries will be kept quiet until you tell us otherwise.



We want to understand your uniqueness, your talents and your pro-active attitude to life. This will help us to truly place you with one of our clients. This way you will not to just do the work you love, but also love the way you work.

"Our clients include some of the most exciting and disruptive organisations in the industry, ranging from large multinational corporations, fast growing SME's to emerging technology start-ups that are impacting the way people live their lives"


    We really know our stuff!  We will guide you and advise you every step of the way.


    Candidate care is prime!  We will keep in contact and update you continuously on the progress of your application.  You are important to us and we want to cultivate a lasting relationship with you.


    We offer better service than most other recruitment companies. We don’t just submit CV’s arbitrarily. We consult with clients to find the best fit for them and for you. You will have a partner in the form of a recruiter: ready to train you and coach you.  We will deliver more than you expect.



You see a job advertised on our website and would like to apply, send us your CV and follow up with a call to speak with the Recruiter. Or you’re simply looking for something more inspiring, innovative, satisfying or maybe something that’s more ‘you'? Call us, we want to learn about you.


Scheduling an introductory 20-minute call with one of our Recruitment Specialists allows us to provide you details about the company and position. It allows you to tell us about your experience, how it relates to the position, your expectations and career goals.


We will follow-up the introductory call with an in person or Skype interview. Candidates are expected to research the company prior to this meeting to further the conversation. This will allow for a more in-depth conversation about how the role and company match your career goals.


The client Interview process varies by client and will be explained to you prior to scheduling. Our Recruiting Specialist is trained and available to provide coaching and interview practice prior to your client interview as needed. We will also provide as much objective feedback from the interviewers as possible.


Our Recruiter will work with both you and the client to ensure that offers are finalised in writing and complete. We are here to consult you through the negotiation process as needed. Please note that not all result in a good fit for the candidate or client. We will work with you to ensure the process is handled professionally and you have an enjoyable candidate experience.


We understand that starting a new job can be stressful. Our Recruiter will continue to check-in on you from time to time to make sure the transition period in your new role is going well.


  • Scott is incredibly proactive, he actively sought to find the right role when placing me with Unisys, Malaysia in a challenging market. Then as projects expanded he was able to rapidly fulfil senior executive management roles rapidly with high quality candidates. Scott has great attention to detail, can understand complex requirements, but above all can engage with and identify highly specialised senior candidates who can reliably fulfill senior executive roles or unique specialised roles. Scott attracts and maintains a strong relationship with senior talent.

    Pat Duncombe

    Chief Enterprise Architect / Interim CTO/CIO
    at Unisys, Malaysia

  • All through the hiring process for my current role in AIG, Scott's work has been prompt, thorough and professional. His professionalism is clearly seen in the way he handles both his client (hiring companies) and prospects (career seekers). He takes both parties demand extremely well and managed to balance between hiring and employment expectations - a challenge that most other agents fail to manage but Scott has been able to live up to. He also took the time to coordinate a face-to-face follow-up session within the first 3 months of my placement here along with follow up calls.

    Davis Chai

    Solutions Architect Lead
    at AIG Global Services